SteamPunk Alice in Wonderland  

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SteamPunk Alice in Wonderland

Artist's Comments
I painted this for the CG Society's Steam Punk Myth/Legends Challenge. Although I got the painting done in time, I didn't read the instructions properly and never submitted a large size format jpeg. I think it doesn't matter, because the competition was tough and I already had my favorites picked out among the other entries to win. Nevertheless, I like what I did, and hope to paint more steam punk fairy tales. I already have some ideas in mind. For this piece, I went through the whole gamut of subject matter before I picked Alice in Wonderland. I considered Lady of Shallot, La Dames sans Merci, King Arthur, and Joan of Arc. Eventually, I thought painting Alice would be more fun, with a giant mechanized caterpillar and some characters and critters from the story. I even stuck my dogs in it (again). Ripley as a puppy and my aussie rescue, Freckles. If you look carefully, Alice is reading Tesla's Wireless Transmission of Electricity.

Steam Punk Alice in Wonderland by ~rebelakemi on deviantART

Doktor A Caterpillar


Doktor A — master of the rivet, moustache and fez — is at it again applying his considerable skill to one of Lewis Carroll’s most famous creations, the hookah smoking caterpillar, turning him into a clockwork automaton. It will be on display at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio for their “Noxious Fumes” show which begins October 4th and runs through the 29th, meaning that you can drool in its very presence, should you be in the area.

Alice - Snail Fight

Alice battles the snails! This image went alongside the announcement of a new development project at Spicy Horse - the sequel to "American McGee's Alice". Information related to the project will remain limited for a while... but you can check out for updates. Also, check out for news. Woo!

Steampunk fairy-tales CGI -- Boing Boing Gadgets

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